DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Excitement and strange sleep schedules

So we started thinking about bed around ten or eleven last night, but shortly after we retreated to the bedroom we heard some thumping from the apartment across the hall from us, which eventually escalated to angry shouting. Something about "just calm down" and "stop holding me down." When i peeked out the peephole a couple minutes later there were three guys standing outside the door, one of them with a torn shirt, arguing with three or four people inside the apartment a little more before storming off. Someone must have already called the cops though because a couple minutes later there was a helicopter overhead shining a spotlight down on the courtyard, in which people had started to gather. A couple minutes after that a cop car showed up. I guess the people who had been doing the yelling actually live in the same complex, because the cops went up to one of the buildings across from us and told some guy to come out with his hands up and handcuffed him. At this point there were about fifteen people standing about in the courtyard watching and talking to each other. It would have been a strange and interesting opportunity to be social with our neighbors, but we decided to go back to bed. Of course i don't know if the cops just dragged the guy away (or even if they actually arrested him) or stayed around to ask questions afterwards, and if it was later they might have wanted to talk to us as the people next door to where the thing started, so probably best to just lay low :)

So we actually ended up getting to sleep around 12:30. We woke up around 8:45, i'm not quite sure why since it's pretty early for a weekend, and stayed up until a little after noon. Then i fell asleep again until after five, and shelleycat spent a fair bit of the time napping as well. So now our sleep schedules are entirely messed up :)

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