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It's 8 pm on the east coast right now and my new PC, which was originally supposed to be shipping today, is still listed as "in production." The already low odds that it will be delivered before the weekend are dropping rapidly =P Oh well, i'm gonna be kinda busy this weekend, so i wouldn't have had much time to play Civ 5 anyways.

In other game related news, Minecraft is getting a halloween update. Some of the stuff sounds kinda cool, and some of it sounds horrible. Namely the expiring torches thing. New monsters might be kinda cool (as long as they don't, i dunno, stick around during the day and then explode, killing you and putting giant holes in the things you've built.) Making deeper mines require more light in order to avoid having monsters spawn there is kinda meh. Combining both the above with torches that go out if you leave them alone too long... DO NOT WANT! Yeah, torches lasting forever is kinda unrealistic, but so is a zombie spawning in the corner of your house just because you didn't provide adequate lighting =P

Supposedly lanterns will be added into the game, which from the gossip i've heard will be like torches are now, but harder to construct. So i can still do the things i want to do, but it will require more busywork. If it gets too annoying i'll probably just start abusing the item editor. A little bit of a challenge to my landscaping efforts is fine, otherwise i'd just play in Creative mode, but not _too_ much challenge!

Also, i really need a more generic PC gaming icon.
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