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24 September 2010 @ 12:22 pm
I finally ordered my new computer. I ended up deciding that i'd rather get exactly the system i want than get a free monitor, so i went with the PCsForEveryone system, with a few minor changes. Then i realized that my current monitor only has d-sub input while the video card i'm getting has dvi. So rather than invest $10-$20 on a dvi to d-sub adapter i just ordered a new monitor from Amazon for $170. A 22", 1920x1080 LED backlit ViewSonic. Which puts it about 5" from being better than my actual TV :)

So now all i need to do is wait for the new computer to show up. And wait. And wait. They say the _build_ should be done by Oct 4th. I haven't dared inquire as to which shipping method they use yet. So i'll be lucky if i'm playing Civ 5 within two weeks' time. But there's a squirrel playing in one of the trees outside to distract me from the wait! Squirrel!!!

Edit: The monitor however has already shipped, and will supposedly show up early next week, so i'll have it for about a week before the new computer shows up. I guess i can try it out on the old computer for awhile? :)