DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Quick video game note

For anyone who hasn't noticed or been told about it already, Amazon's Gold Box deals today are all PS3 related. The daily deal is Heavy Rain, they did Madden earlier (i'm so sorry i missed out on that one =P) and they're doing Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions currently, which i'm vaguely interested in, but even at 25% off a $60 game is really expensive. Hopefully later today they'll do some games that are either cheaper or more appealing to my particular interests.


Crap! I thought quite a bit about getting the 1:00 deal, Transformers: War for Cybertron for $45, but even at 25% off that was still a little expensive, and i figured there might be a better deal later. In particular i was looking at the 3:00, "Ready yourself for an epic, retro adventure." Turns out i was correct when i predicted it would be 3D Dot Game Heroes. And it was 50% off for $20! However what i did _not_ predict was that it would already be sold out less than 9 minutes after 3:00 =P

*sigh* Well i'm not really interested in getting what is probably Red Alert 3 ("Battle Soviet forces in an alternate time dimension,") not for the PS3 at least, and i'm almost certainly not interested in "Fooore!" but i _might_ be interested in "Power up your racing experience." That is, if it turns out to be Mod Nation Racers. However i expect that if that is in fact what it will be that the description would be a bit more recognizable =/
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