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20 September 2010 @ 07:17 am
Computer angst  
I spent two or three hours last night writing up a post about all the stuff i was doing labor day weekend and i'm _still_ not done. So at the moment i'm going to stress about computer stuff instead.

Civilization 5 comes out tomorrow. Final Fantasy 14 comes out in a week or two, though i'm probably not going to be getting that one right away. I'm peeved that, according to claims made earlier in the beta at least, they used to have tools for editing your character's physique but have taken them out for the open beta and presumably for the release as well. I wanted to create a buff, 6', broad shouldered, small chested catgirl, and am annoyed that that's not a possibility anymore =P

But anyways i've already pre-ordered Civ5 just to get the silly bonus stuff, but still don't have a computer capable of playing it yet. I emailed back and forth with PCsForEveryone about getting a GTX 460 graphics card, which isn't one of their standard options, and got the following quote back:

Intel 3000 Series
- Quad-Core Intel® Core™ i5-760 2.80GHz 8MB Smart Cache (VT)
- Intel® DH55HC - ATX - Intel® H55 Chipset
- 2 x Crucial 4GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3
- Antec Sonata III 500 - ATX Mid Tower - 500 Watt Power Supply - Black - Silent Design
- Included Power Supply (Chassis must include power to select this option)
- 3 x 1TB SATA 7200RPM - 3.5" - Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12
- Samsung 22x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer LightScribe (SATA)
- Lite-On 4x Blu-Ray Disc Reader (SATA)
- 19-in-1 3.5" Card Reader (Black)
- PNY Video Card GTX 460 1GB DDR5 DualDVI miniHDMI PCI-E
- Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard and Mouse (USB)
- Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System
- Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
- Install and Configure Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode
- Three Year Depot Warranty (Return System to Depot for Repair)

Total: $1,694.00 (Before shipping and tax of course.)

That means (based on the original configuration price) they're charging about $300 for the GTX 460 card.

So i could go with the GT 240 instead for $1,488.00 instead and just upgrade the graphics card at some later point. From what i understand the GT 240 should handle Civ5 with no problem, but only have mediocre performance for FF14.

Or i could go with a cheaper graphics card (since the i5-760 doesn't support onboard graphics) and get the GeForce 210 or the Radeon HD 4650 for either $1,438 or $1,448 and order a GTX 460 from Newegg or somewhere similar for about $200 (at least if they've still got the coupon i saw on their site over the weekend.) I'd pay a little bit more in shipping and have to install it myself, but it's still probably save about $40 over having PCsForEveryone install it. And i could transfer the other card to my old PC for a slight upgrade. However given that even the "cheap" version of the computer is almost $1,500, i wonder if perhaps worrying about a $40 savings is being a little silly.

Still haven't found any better alternative sites to shop at. Alienware is way more expensive (as expected) and the Dell options are still not as customizable as i'd like.
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Pavajmpava on September 20th, 2010 04:40 pm (UTC)
fwiw, Cora and I tried out ff14 on our laptops which are pretty darn mediocre as gaming rigs being a) laptops and b) not all that super-powerful. Basically, we've got whatever graphics card Dell offers for our respective models that's not the integrated adapter - so it's _a_ card, but not by much. The benchmarker says we shouldn't be able to play it at all (I got a score of 745 on low, Cora much lower) and we certainly had to cut the graphic options down a bit, but it still plays. Sure, it doesn't look like ff13, but, ya know, it wasn't going to anyway. I realize that doesn't help your OTHER concern about the game, but just letting you know that you can actually get pretty decent performance (at least, on the beta we could) without it being totally over-powerful.