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Last two days

I've been telling myself for the past year or so, possibly a little longer, that i really needed to get a new pair of work/dress shoes. I've had the old ones for about ten years and been using them pretty regularly for the last five years, and they're getting pretty seriously worn. As in having holes almost all the way through parts of the seam in one or two places.

Aside from the getting worn out part i was quite happy with them as far as dress shoes go. I remembered that they were Bostonian brand, but couldn't recall the type. After doing a little googling based on the esoteric numbers on the inside of the shoes i figured out they were probably the "Prescott" model. shelleycat convinced me that i ought to at least look at some other shoes first before blindly trying to get another pair of the same thing, so yesterday after work we drove down to the South Coast Plaza and checked out The Walking Company. They had a couple different pairs of shoes that felt about as comfortable as my old ones, but they were kinda ugly, and they also cost $140 (at a minimum.) We walked across the mall to the Nordstroms, but they didn't have any Bostonian shoes at all, so we went to the Macy's, got lost for a bit trying to find the shoe section, and when we did found that they did have Bostonian and in fact had the Prescott type. Not only that but they also had them in wide, so instead of getting a 10 1/2 regular i was able to get a 9 1/2 wide. And as an added bonus, not only are the shoes normally only $85, but they had them on sale for about $69 (or rather, $76 after tax.) So i got nice and comfortable shoes that were more attractive and and about half the price of the alternatives.

Afterwards we stopped at the Champagne Bakery to split a panini and a couple pastries. When we got home we watched The Philadelphia Experiment, which neither of us had seen before and which i'd gotten curious about (again) because of this chart. It was both interesting and in many ways rather silly. I'm glad that i've seen it now, but i probably won't ever bother watching it again.

After the OC Foodie Fest/Food Truck event this weekend we started checking out the web pages and twitter accounts of various SoCal food trucks. We discovered that one of them, Crepes Bonaparte, was going to be in northern Irvine tonight from 5:30 to 9, and we decided to go check them out. When we got there around 7:15 or so we discovered that not only was Crepes Bonaparte there, but there were about six or seven food trucks gathered there, including several we'd seen at the event on saturday. After looking at all the trucks the first thing i did was get in the very short line for Piaggio so i could get a coconut from them, since they'd run out at the festival and i'd been kind of sad about it.

Then we got in the much longer line for Crepes Bonaparte and texted some of shelleycat's friends to let them know about the cool thing going on. When we got to the front of the line we chatted with the guy taking the orders briefly, and he said that although this was the first time Crepes Bonaparte had been there, this was actually a regular gathering of food trucks that happened in the same spot every wednesday evening. We ate the very yummy crepes(one "Baconator" and one "HazelBerryAna") and then went to get some shaved ice. While we were doing that shelleycat's friends showed up, and once we got the shaved ice we went and joined them back in the Crepes Bonaparte line while munching on our dessert. While talking to the other people in the line we found out about the upcoming "Long Beach Street Food Festival" in October and a monthly event in Venice that's started attracting a lot of food trucks.

We'll quite likely check out the Long Beach event, and almost certainly hit the wednesday night gathering again in the future. Not sure if we'll ever make it up to Venice though (for that anyways.)
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