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Killing Time

Okay, laundry is in the washer, so now i just need to kill some time for a half hour, and then again for 45 minutes. Then i can get started on packing.

Hmmmm, depending on how i stand on my scale my weight varies from about 180 to 186.

A couple of days ago i was wandering around the department store where Morna works while waiting for her break to start so that we could have dinner together.

One of the sections i wandered through had several different kinds of scales lieing around to be tested. One said that i weighed 174.5, another said that i weighed 175.5, the third said i weighed 181, and the fourth said that i weighed 178.

I wonder if any one of those scales was more accurate than any of the others, or if all (non-profesional) scales have an error range of about five pounds. Under very limited testing they did all seem have the advantage that the weight didn't seem to differ no matter how i stood on them. Of course three out of the four were digital, so i couldn't shift my weight around to see them actively move.

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