DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Trucks and eating and cooking

We went to the OC Foodie Fest today, which was billed as "Orange County’s first gourmet food truck event." We saw an ad for it in the program when we went to "In the Heights" a couple weeks ago, and decided it would be interesting to do. Remembering how hard it was to get into the LA Street Food Fest (or whatever it was called) i checked online and found it was possible to buy tickets ahead of time, and in the process found that three of the trucks from "The Great Food Truck Race" were going to be there, NaNa Queens (meh) Crepes Bonaparte and the Nom Nom Truck (yay!)

So we got tickets friday night (thankfully there were still some left) and headed out this morning at 11. We got there right at 11:30, the "regular" opening time, and things were already crowded. It took us five or so minutes to get into the parking lot and even longer to get through the line to get inside. We checked out the Nom Nom Truck first, but it had a huge line, which was to be expected, so we went to "India Jones" first and got some beef curry, samosas, and a mango lassi. After we finished that shelleycat went to "The Lime Truck" to get a drink and a foie gras moose and apple jelly thing while i went to "Great Balls on Tires" to get some meatball sandwiches and a cheesecake ball thing. I wanted to get one of the coconut water in a coconut drink things i'd seen people wandering around with, but they ran out while i was in line =P In fact the person about ten people ahead of me got the last one =P

shelleycat had already gone ahead to the beer garden and gotten a margarita, and when we finished that we found a place for her to sit in the shade cause she was getting tired and i went and stood in line at "Get Shaved" to get some shaved ice. That line was huuuuge. I think i was in it for about an hour. Luckily i had my phone with me, which i'd just recently downloaded the Audible app for along with my current audiobook :)

After finishing the shaved ice we wandered around once more to see if there was anything else we wanted to get, mainly looking for drinks. We stopped by the Nom Nom Truck and chatted with them for a few minutes since they were out of food and there was thus no line and then headed home. We'd gotten there about 11:30, and left about 4:30, so five hours at the event in total.

So i've apparently gotten used to the cool and cloudy weather we've been having for most of the summer, and haven't really assimilated the bit about it actually getting warm this last week. It didn't help that when we got up at 10 the sky was completely overcast, so i put on a t-shirt and shorts and didn't think to do suntan lotion at all. However by the time we got there the sky was completely clear and it was warm and sunny. My arms are a little pink. My legs, forehead and nose are all very pink, along with the parts of my feet that weren't covered by my birks. It's kind of strange that my arms ended up less pink than my legs, but maybe they were more tanned to begin with or something. Even shelleycat got a little pink on her forehead, but she was wearing pants and a hoodie (though not with the hood up) so she didn't get pink anywhere else.

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