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Did some general loot gathering in Dragon Quest 9 last night, mainly involving a couple trips down the Kawasaki map and beating a couple grotto bosses, including Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. Got the Hoimi table to work two out of three times, not sure what i did wrong the second time.

Then i decided to explore the Gem Slime only floor grotto (Emerald Snowhall of Hurt Lv 81.) I spent an hour or two down there and got about 140,000 gold, which pretty much doubled my supply. I probably could have gotten at _least_ three or four times as much except that i insisted on trying to steal from all the Gem Slimes. The success rate was pretty damn low, but over the same hour or two period i picked up one gold bar and four or so pieces of Orichalcum :) (Which is a little odd since according to the Bestiary faq they're actually twice as likely to be carrying gold bars.)

I wonder how long i should spend grinding gold and experience before i try out the legacy boss grottos?

(I suspect that i'm making these posts for the sole benefit of kirinn, but oh well :)
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