DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Scott Pilgrim and other stuff

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is lots of fun. Not particularly serious fun, but fun. I'm pretty sure there are just two criteria you need to meet in order to enjoy it. First, you must be moderately familiar with video games. You don't have to be a "hardcore" gamer or anything, but if you don't know anything about Zelda, Mario, DDR or Mortal Kombat then you'll probably get lost pretty quickly. Second, you must be okay with the presentation of a world that sometimes follows the rules of our world and sometimes follows the rules of video games without a clear boundary between the two (though you can expect the most egregious differences to happen during the fight scenes.)

The only part of the movie that didn't sit well with me was the 60 seconds or so where they decided to copy the format of shows like "Seinfeld" out of the blue. Maybe they were doing a homage or maybe they were trying to make fun of the format, i'm not quite sure because i was too busy gritting my teeth for the whole scene. Thankfully it _was_ only 60 seconds long, and only happened that once.

Other stuff done during the weekend:

We went to Dave & Busters on saturday and played lots of silly games. The Terminator gun game has pretty cool hardware, an automatic rifle that you reload by slapping a button on the magazine holder rather than something silly like shaking it or pointing the gun away from the screen, but it's also pretty heavy, and your wrists can get rather sore after playing it for awhile. It's an amusing though painful touch of realism :)

Spent sunday morning killing lots of Metal King Slimes while shelleycat was lounging around in lingerie playing her own video games. (She said i should make sure to post that part to see if i could make anyone jealous =)

So all in all it was a very video game themed weekend i guess, which isn't unusual in general although the presentation was a little more versatile this time :)
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