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Whoops, how did that happen? :)

I happened to check the playtime for my Dragon Quest 9 last night, and i've spent a little over 60 hours on the game even though i'm only about halfway through the game =P At least that's what i'm guessing anyways. I've collected all the [important things you need to collect] but i'm still restricted to ship travel and there are still a fair number of areas of the map i can't get to yet.

Aside: Have i mentioned how much i love DQ9 for having an overworld map mode you can traverse freely despite the regular mode having it divided up into discrete sections? I'd say the makers of the Final Fantasy series should take note of this "brilliant" achievement, but, well, yeah :)

The addition of respawning points where you can pick up alchemy ingredients has combined with the already addictive nature of grinding for levels (which the Dragon Quest series has always kept at a notch or two above other RPGs by creating creature types specifically to grind with) to make a truly dangerous time suck. I've gone through many rounds of:

[spend an hour or so grinding levels/gold]
"Oh hey! I bet the alchemy points have respawned by now!"
[Go about the world collecting alchemy ingredients]
[Alchemize some new items]
"Cool! New equipment! I should go try this out!"
[spend an hour or so grinding levels/gold]
and etc

I'd say i ought to be absurdly overleveled by this point, but although i breezed through the dungeons for the "last" two plot items pretty easily, the last boss (in the academy) did give me a little trouble. I'm not sure if i'm doin it rong or just don't have the right build of classes/skills. On the other hand i did manage to beat the boss of the first grotto map, but only barely. He killed my mage and thief towards the end and i was lucky that he didn't do anything really nasty the last couple rounds, and even missed once or twice, while i just ignored healing and went all out with attacks. And since i was cheating with the hoimi tables i got some really great gloves out of it :)
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