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Oh dear gods

Do you remember how i complained about several "features" of Windows 7 a week or two ago? (I'm guessing not, hence the link =)

Well at the time one of the things i listed was: "3: Is there any way to change the highlighting behavior in a file folder? If you have the view set to "details" in XP and you select multiple files it only highlights the parts in the "Name" column. If you do the same thing in Win7 it highlights _all_ the columns. (I really don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does, and i want it to stop =P)"

And i just discovered _why_ that really is a bad thing and not just some vague misgiving on my part =P

In Windows XP if there's a couple files/folders bunched together in the middle of a list that i want to select i'll left-click somewhere in one of the columns to the right and then drag the selection box over the items i want. Since only the items in the "Name" column get selected nothing is actually highlighted until i drag the box over that part.

I just tried to do the same thing to two folders in Windows 7, and it highlighted both of them as i expected, but instead of selecting both folders it actually moved the second folder inside the first folder! (I tend to select from the bottom up.)

It doesn't exhibit that behaviour 100% of the time, but it seems that if my initial click is over any kind of text (regardless of what column that text is in) the mouse cursor gets a little box next to it that presumably indicates i'm doing a move action. Since i'm dragging one folder to another folder it highlights both rows, exactly the way i would expect if i was highlighting them with a selection, and since in Windows 7 the highlight includes the _entire_ row it's especially obvious that it's not drawing a selection box as well.

So now if i want to draw a selection box i need to make sure to start someplace with no text of any kind, not just make sure to avoid the "Name" column. Gods forfend if i ever have to work with an extra small window or an extra large number of columns such that there's no free space to click on =P

(I also just noticed/was reminded of the fact that in XP by starting the selection box to the right of the "Name" column you can actually select files in the folder based on the length of their names. I'm not sure if there's ever a practical use for that, but it was a kind of cool effect that was also killed by this new Win 7 feature.)

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