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I'm not sure if i should consider myself brilliant or insane. After making that last post i got to thinking. I've got an unlocked Nexus One. I've got Froyo (Android OS 2.2) installed on it. That means i have wireless tethering available on my phone!

After a little experimentation i was able to set up a wireless location on my phone, and connect to it with my DS and get wireless access for Dragon Quest 9 through my cellphone plan. Furthermore, that means that if i can revert my wireless router back to something approximating the state it was 24 hours ago so that my Nexus One can connect to it again, i can connect my DS to my phone, which will be connected to the router, which will be connected to the cable modem, which will be connected to the internet!

I'm not sure if i'd want to do that for long enough to do actual multiplayer sessions since i have to leave security off for the DS to connect to the phone (the tethering doesn't include a WEP option, which is the only kind of security the DS can handle) but it's certainly good enough for connecting to the online store for a few minutes every day so i can take advantage of the pretty good sales on there :)

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