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"Fun" with routers

Once upon a time, i had thing set up so my Wii worked with my router, my DS worked with my router, my PS3 worked with my router, my computer worked with my router, and my phone worked with my router.

Then my PS3 died, and i got a new PS3, which didn't work with my router. I messed around with the router settings a bit trying to get it to work. Wireless continued to be crappy and wired continued to be nonexistent. Oh well. Then yesterday i tried to connect to Dragon Quest 9's online store, and found that my DS could no longer find the internet, returning a 50000 something error. After some experimentation and poking at Nintendo's support website i found some settings to change on the router and the DS started finding the router again! But then started getting a 52000 error when it tried to connect. Some more searching and settings fiddling, this time mostly on the DS, and the first error was fixed, only to be replaced by a 52100 error.

I finally gave up in frustration and just went back to playing the regular game. Only to find a few hours later that my phone can no longer connect to the wireless =P

Indications that i should just get a new router rising. Of course once i do i'm sure i'll end up going through endless amounts of setup with the new router as well =P
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