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Google seems to have changed its search behaviour once again, and this time it's not something involving the aesthetics, it's the basic search functionality.

My normal google searches look something like [+"first thing" +"second thing"] (minus the brackets of course.)

Just recently however i've noticed that such queries are not always performing correctly. They sometimes return results as if i'd done a search on [+"first thing" +second +thing]

Currently i'm getting this problem for [+"Windows 7" +"view menu"] and if i go to Advanced search it gets translated to [view menu "Windows 7"] with ["windows 7"] in the "this exact wording or phrase" box but [view menu] in the "all these words" box.

If i switch the search to [+"Windows 7" "view rule"] then the search performs properly, only returning results where "view" and "rule" are next to each other. However i'm worried about what kind of behaviour i'm going to see if i run into the same issue with three or more search terms. Will i lose the ability to force the inclusion of some values if i need to group them together?

(Edit: Just found the kind of case i was worried about. [+"Windows 7" +"file type" +"x86 or x64"]. ["Windows 7"] is the only part that's actually getting grouped together by force.

As the example search may illustrate, i'm trying to modify the appearance of Windows 7. I've managed to fix most of the stuff that bothers me (personally i find the default setting for Windows 7 incredibly ugly/distracting/annoying/whatever.)

There are still a few lingering problems that are being balky however, and if anyone has any useful suggestions for how to do what i want i'd love to hear about it. (Comments about how what i want is dumb and i should just suck it up and get used to the new paradigm are not necessary.)

1: Is there anyway to customize the "details pane" other than the three options for size? Even selecting "small" it's still way too large. Ideally i'd like to remove the icon entirely and just leave the text. I'd also like to make the background the same grey as the menu bars at the top. (Ironically the white background is too distracting. I think my mind has gotten trained to accept that certain shades of grey are "background" material that i can ignore most of the time and white is the stuff i have to pay attention to.) In short, i'd like to make it mirror the status bar from XP.

2: Is there any way to customize the order of the menu bars at the top of the file folder? I want to move the "Organize, Include in library, Share with, New Folder" row up to the top, like the old file bar.

3: Is there any way to change the highlighting behavior in a file folder? If you have the view set to "details" in XP and you select multiple files it only highlights the parts in the "Name" column. If you do the same thing in Win7 it highlights _all_ the columns. (I really don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does, and i want it to stop =P)

4: Is there a way to _really_ ungroup the icons in the task bar? Setting the "never combine" option makes it so they don't get compressed into a single item anymore, but it still sticks all the icons of the same type right next to each other, regardless of when they were created, and you can't move individual items, only the entire group. (The ability to move items in the taskbar has been something i've wanted since forever, but without the ability to ungroup the items it's useless to me =/)

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