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Better late than never?

It took me awhile, but here's a recap of what i did for the last three days of Anime Expo :)

(It's admittedly been a little long since the actual event, so i may have mixed a few details up =P)

Day 2: Cosplay pictures and more AMVs and dancing

Got to the con around 1 pm, after making a couple stops to get some breakfast and pick up some margarita mix. I started taking pictures while wandering over to the dealers hall. I picked up one of the official AX t-shirts (apparently one of the few things the new management has done right is to actually start selling regular black t-shirts instead of only doing them for concerts and special occasions.)

I wandered around the exhibit hall for a while, but around 2:45 I headed off to west hall for the final fantasy cosplay gathering

The gathering was outside on the stairs around the side of the West Hall. Most of the games were pretty well represented, but i was a little surprised both that there were no FF12 cosplayers for the first call and that everyone seemed to be expecting that. That FF13 was the hot newness was entirely predictable, but FF12 falling so far out of favor seemed a little weird. (About three quarters of the way through the entire shoot a single Fran showed up, so we did the FF12 shoot just for her.)

After the Final Fantasy shoot i moved inside to the Organization 13 shoot. In theory the FF13 shoot was supposed to be at 3:30, right after the Org13 one, but instead they announced that FF13 was delayed and they were doing the Kingdom Hearts shoot instead, which made sense since you pretty much had all the people interested in Kingdom Hearts there already, i kind of wonder what the person who came up with the original schedule was thinking separating them.

(As a side note, i apparently surprised one of the Kaeri cosplayers by asking her not to take her glasses off like she had for all the previous pics. Apparently that was the first time anyone has asked her to leave her glasses on rather than the opposite =)

However there was clearly a miscommunication somewhere, because by the time the Kingdom Hearts shoot was over i discovered that the FF13 shoot had already gotten started a little way down the hall, and in fact was about 90% over already =P Luckily it didn't seem like there were a lot of cosplayers there for that one who hadn't also been at the generic FF shoot.

After that i found coraa and jmpava and went to the Yardhouse for dinner. I took a side trip to my car to ditch my stuff and then met coraa and jmpava at their hotel room to watch some episodes of Ouran High School Host Club and some AMVs. I left around 10:30 or so and walked back to the late night dance venue, which as at "Club Nokia" that night rather than at one of the hotels. The music was pretty mediocre, but i stuck around till about 1 am before heading home.

Day 3: Shelleycat's day and the Masquerade

shelleycat and i headed out around noon and got there around 1. We got in a relatively short line in order to pick up her badge and then went and wandered around the dealer room for a little bit. After about a half hour of that we tried to go to the AMV contest rescreen. We were hoping to show up in time to catch the second half, but found that A: they were going a lot faster than the schedule had indicated and had already partway through the Comedy category, and B: the room was overfull and they weren't letting anyone else in until after people had cleared out after the Comedy section. So we sat around for awhile waiting for that and got in to see the Drama section and the announcement of the awards.

Afterwards we ran into coraa and jmpava, who had also been watching the last part of the AMV reshow, and went and wandered around the exhibit hall for a bit, where we also ran into avani and her SO and wandered around with them for a bit more before everyone split up for dinner before the Masquerade. shelleycat and i went to the Yardhouse, and when we were done we ran into neonelephant and his friend (who'd also ended up at the Yardhouse but had gotten seated in a different session) but we had to run off to get to the Masquerade. The Masquerade was good, although one of the better MCs wasn't able to be there because he was part of the semi-simultaneously running "Iron Chef AMV Contest." Because of that there wasn't quite as much funny commentary between contestants as usual, but on the other hand there was somewhat less than the usual number of routine foul-ups (of course on the other other hand, trying to kill time to cover for such foul-ups in the past often resulted in some of the best comedy =) When the presentation part was over instead of doing the usual random crap while the judges deliberated they brought back a slightly older tradition of reshowing the winners of the AMV Contest, so shelleycat ended up getting to see at least a few of the other AMVs after all, and they followed that up by showing the just finished results of the AMV Iron Chef Contest. (They judged the Iron Chef the winner, presumably on technical merits, while shelleycat and i actually liked the challenger's AMV better on artistic merit.)

shelleycat was feeling kind of tired by that point, so we called it a night and headed home.

Day 4: Wrapping up and encounters both planned and unexpected

Went in by myself again on sunday. In fact i got up a bit earlier than i had the other days so i could get to the dealer's hall around opening time. First though i stopped by coraa and jmpava's hotel to pick them up. When we got to the dealer's hall i went and bought a couple of t-shirts, and then unexpected ran into Congirl (the last time i'd seen her at LosCon she'd been planning to move sometime in the spring/summer, but apparently it got pushed back to the fall) so i spent awhile wandering the dealer room and chatting with her.

I met up with coraa and jmpava again around noon and we got together with thumbie and shamiksan to go to Phillipe's for lunch.

Afterwards we decided we'd all pretty much gotten done all we really wanted to get done, so coraa and jmpava and i headed back to my place so they could crash for awhile before their flight home. During which time i took the opportunity to introduce jmpava to Flower and PixelJunk Shooters :)

I'm still working on organizing all the pictures i took. I promise i'll put them up sometime moderately soon, especially if people poke at me about it :)
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