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Speaking of dilemma's, does anyone who's familiar with PAX have any slightly informed guesses as to which bands are going to be playing which nights. I'm trying to decided whether to get a flight arriving at 9:30 pm thursday night, or 3 pm friday afternoon. I'm already disappointed that the one time i'm making it up for PAX Freezepop isn't going to be there. I'd be even more disappointed if i showed up friday afternoon and the friday night concert was Coulton and Paul & Storm and i wasn't able to make it in because it was so packed. (I'm told that you can get tickets if you get there early in the morning, after that it's first come first served, depending on how many the fire marshals are willing to let in or whatever.)

On the other hand, if Coulton and P&S are saturday night i wouldn't be that upset if i ended up missing the other people, and i'm not sure if i need more than a day and a half at the con itself (and that would be one less night of having to figure out accommodations.)

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