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So the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert is next week. Or rather, the two in San Francisco are next week and the one in San Diego is the week after. It seems there are still tickets available. A couple spots close to the front even (if i'm willing to pay $95 that is.)

One minor annoyance, they're playing slightly different sets thursday and friday. Bigger annoyance, i'd probably have to leave by noon at the very latest on friday if i wanted to make it there in time at 8:00. So that would be a half day or less at work. Concert would presumably get done sometime between 10 and midnight, so i'd probably get home again around 6am. Lots of driving for a concert. But it's an FF concert!

Of course there's the concert in San Diego as well, which is about half as far. However it's also thursday night only, so i'd have to leave work a little early, go to the concert, drive back home, and go back into work the next day =P

On the other hand, apparently Nobuo is going to be at a release party for the CD in LA on the 19th. $60 gets you a signed copy of the CD and a "photo opportunity." I think if i decide i'm not up for the drive to either of the concerts i definitely need to try to make it to the release party.

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