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I hate everything

Mostly though i hate Sony and LinkSys.

When i first got my PS3 i tried hooking it up to my wireless internet. It seemed to work, but the connection speed was crap. Downloading games would frequently take 30 minutes or more. I think Burnout Paradise ended up taking a day or something insane like that. (Actually, here are some posts i made about the problem at the time.)

So i dug up an ethernet cable to plug the PS3 directly into the back of the router, and everything was better. Right up until my PS3 died a couple months ago and i got a new one. The new one absolutely refuses to connect via the cable. Well, not absolutely. It will sometimes connect at a really incredibly painful speed. I tried switching back to wireless, and got only moderately painful speeds. I tried downloading Flower wirelessly. It claimed it would take about 30 minutes for the 628 megs to download, so a rate of about 20 megs a minute or 1/3rd of a meg a second. (If it could maintain that rate it ought to be able to download the Burnout Paradise install in "only" 3 hours, unlike the multiple days it claimed before.) When i tried doing the wired connection, on the one time where it didn't totally fail to connect at all, the estimate for downloading the same 628 meg file kept jumping between about 10,000 minutes and 30,000 minutes.

I've been searching around on the net and found a lot of people having issues with my model of router (LinkSys BEFW11S4 V2) but just about all of them seem to be having trouble with the wireless connection, not the wired. Still, i decided to try some of the solutions. Unfortunately i'd forgotten what the password to my router was so i had to reset it to the factory defaults, and figuring out how to get just the regular internet working again probably took about 30 minutes. Then i spent an hour or so fiddling with various setting according to various suggestions people had suggested on the internet. So far nothing seems to have made any significant difference whatsoever.

So the issue with the wireless signal is consistent between both the old and new PS3, but only the new PS3 can't get a good wired connection. So is the new PS3 broken somehow? Or is there just some change to the firmware or something that has aggravated the incompatibilites with the already flaky router? I could just go out and get a new router. This one is almost ten years old by this point. And the Wii has issues with it as well, and doesn't even have the option of using a wired connection.

I don't suppose anyone can suggest a newer model of wireless router that has wired out ports as well (i'd think that would be standard, but i don't know that for a fact) and is known to play happily with the PS3 and/or the Wii?
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