DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

E3, better late than never?

I never got around to posting anything during E3 last week, so i guess i'll do that now.

Microsoft: I don't own an XBox. I'm currently not ever planning on buying an XBox. But even if i had an XBox i don't think i'd be interested in Kinect. And i definitely wouldn't be interested in it at $150 (the current rumored price.)

Sony: I'm even less interested in Move. It's a little bit cheaper, $100 for the full set of doodads i think, but there's absolutely nothing to distinguish it from the Wii's motion control system, and i already have one of those. I'm also not especially interested in 3D. I'm certainly not willing to pay $3000(?) or so to enjoy 3D at home. And aside from the cost, i'm willing put up with the 3D glasses for the occasional outing to the movie theatre, but i'm not willing to spend most of my tv viewing/video game playing time at home wearing a pair of the things. One pair of glasses is quite enough, thanks.

Nintendo: Santa Claus is real. Metroid looks awesome. I keep hearing that Kirby looks awesome, though i haven't actually seen the trailer myself yet. Zelda looks okay (i have not finished a single one of the 3D Zeldas. I got about five or ten hours into Ocarina of Time, and haven't gotten more than an hour or two into any of the others. They always look pretty in the abstract, but they just don't seem to appeal to me at all in particular, and i'm really not sure why.) Donkey Kong look okay. Kid Icarus looks awesome. And oh yeah, the 3DS looks awesome. Why am i not down on it because of the 3D aspect? Well mainly because it won't cost $3000 and i won't have to wear an extra pair of glasses all the time. Also the technology for doing it without glasses is kind of cool, and i'm interested in seeing that. However even so, a casual observation of the manner in which i normally play DS games suggest that i'm going to turn the 3D off most of the time because i can't be bothered to sit and hold the DS in the "proper" manner. What really interests me about the 3DS is the improved graphical power. Having an analog stick might be nice as well.

I do have to wonder though. There's room on the right hand side of the 3DS to have a second analog controller. Why didn't Nintendo do that? PSP fans are always whining about the lack of a second analog stick. This seems like it would have been the perfect opportunity to, er, stick it to the competition.

Squenix: So in retrospect, the only exciting thing i heard about from Squenix was that they're doing another Mario game. (Mario Sports Mix.) "MindJack" looks MindNumbingly boring to me. I don't really care about Dungeon Siege 3. I'm interested in Kingdom Hearts, but a remake of a cellphone game isn't enough to get me all that excited. I'm still borderline about FF14, and it's not like there was any major news about it anyways as far as i heard.

Harmonix: Rock Band 3 sounds amazing. It's going to have optional versions of both the keyboard and guitar that are playable as real instruments outside of the game itself. Unfortunately, albeit entirely expectedly, the real instruments will cost significantly more than the usual pieces of plastic. I've got the first three Guitar Hero games and been interested in Rock Band right from the start, but never actually picked up any of the games. I didn't get the first one right away, and then Rock Band 2 was announced, so i figured i ought to wait for that. And then it was announced that you'd be able to swap instruments between Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, so i figured i ought to wait and see what the consensus was on which set of instruments was best. And then i think i was waiting till i got a PS3 so i could get the PS3 version, and i forget what i was waiting for between then and when Rock Band 3 was announced. So i really ought to just say "no more waiting" one of these days :) However if i do get Rock Band 3 i think i may get the old style plastic instruments to start out, and maybe move up to the real instruments later. I'm not very interested in the dance game. Obviously the biggest barrier is that it's for 360 and Kinect only, but there's also the issue that there's not a lot of room in our apartment for dancing, and even if there was we're on the second floor, so jumping around on the floor becomes an issue.

Other games: Journey sounds strange, but it's by the same people who made Flower, and people who've actually seen it say it looks really interesting, so i'm tentatively looking forward to that one. Child of Eden, despite the way everyone keeps talking about it, doesn't actually require Kinect, or motion controls at all, and there is a PS3 version. However i never actually played Rez, even though i always intended to, so it's hard to get that excited about the pseudo-sequel. I guess a lot of people have been talking about El Shadai(sp) but although the few screenshots i've seen look pretty, it sounds pretty much just like a standard Devil May Cry/Bayonetta/God of War action game, so kind of hard for me to get too excited about it. The Last Guardian wasn't at E3 at all. Very sad :(
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