DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wumpskate and Krash

Went to wumpskate monday night. They played several Star Trek songs, including the "Captain Jean Luc Picard" one, and a couple Star Wars songs. There was one song that was supposed to be a mash-up of Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and one or two other things, but i couldn't really recognize any of the parts except Star Wars. There were a couple Dr. Who songs. There were a lot of songs that just mentioned space stuff in the lyrics ("Black Hole Sun," "Intergalactic," and such.) And they wrapped things up with two Voltaire songs. "The USS Make Shit Up," and one that i hadn't heard before that seemed to be about Worf.

I (obviously) stuck around till the end, got home around 2am and got to sleep at 3.

Now it turns out that Krash Rollerdisco is going to be happening tonight. In fact they're saying it's now going to be a regular event, happening every 3rd friday. Hmmm, Wumpskate every 2nd tuesday, Krash every 3rd friday. A quick check of the calender seems to indicate that just like this time, more often then not they'll both be happening in the same week =P I haven't decided yet if i'm going to feel up for that tonight. Alternately i could go rollerblading at the beach this weekend. Or i could check out Disko.Nekro on saturday. Or i could go to Malediction on sunday. Or i could just be lazy all weekend :)

Also, it seems that i never got around to posting exercise results for the _last_ Krash and Wumpskate. So i'll just lump it all in here. As usual the estimates are very rough since i keep forgetting to pause and unpause the damn thing at the right intervals. (I wonder if i told it i was doing outdoor skating even though i was indoor, if it would do the auto-pause thing?)

This Wumpskate: Time 2:49:38. Calories 964
Last Krash: Time 1:59:09. Calories 677
Last Wumpskate: Time 3:00:25. Calories 1025
Tags: clubs, exercise, rollerblading

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