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Memorial day weekend

Saturday we did the olives and french bread and cheese thing.

Sunday we went to Best Buy to check out TVs and PS3s. We couldn't any significant difference between the LED backlit TVs and the regular ones, so we'll probably ignore that when we finally get around to TV shopping. The one remaining consideration might be energy savings. Consumer Reports gives an estimated cost per year in terms of electricity, so i just need to decide how many years i expect to keep the new TV and see if the increased cost for an LED model would be amortized away over that period.

We also looked to see if they had any sales on PS3s, but no. $300 for the 120 GB model.

We stopped by Costco after that. We got hot dogs and such first to avoid the dreaded "shopping while hungry" curse, then went in. They didn't have any PS3s at all, however they _did_ have cake. I'd gotten a craving for cake a couple days earlier because shelleycat had that cake contest show on the Food Network on. I'd suggested that perhaps we should get a cake at costco. You know, one of those massive seven pound piles of chocolate :) shelleycat thought that would be a bad idea, but thought a red velvet cake might be okay. That sounded good too, but i was pretty sure Costco didn't usually have those. However when we got there they had a sign out front advertising red velvet cakes! Apparently they're a newish item, don't know how long they'll be sticking around though. We got one of those and i've been eating a piece or two every couple of days, and it's finally down to the last piece, a week and a half later :)

So since i hadn't found any PS3 sales online or in physical stores, i decided to order one off the Sony Rewards website. I'd discovered a couple days earlier that you can actually buy extra reward points for one cent each. The 120 GB model was 35,000 points there, or $350. However that included both tax and shipping, and i had about 13k points, so i only needed to pay $220 total.

Monday we took it pretty easy and did In-n-Out for dinner.

Last weekend:

Saturday we went to see Kick-Ass in the afternoon, then went out to Huntington Beach Pier for a walk in the evening. Then we stayed up till 2am finishing off Baccano :)

Sunday we went to Mimi's for dinner. They seem to have really changed up the menus. Again. This time though they've actually _added_ new stuff rather than just getting rid of several things that we used to like. shelleycat thinks a lot of the new stuff looks really interesting, so we'll probably be going back there a little more frequently now :) I think i spent most of the rest of the day playing Infinite Space.
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