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07 June 2010 @ 12:32 pm
Awesome stuff  
A couple weeks ago the Gamespot podcast mentioned that Kick-Ass was a cool movie. Since i'd already been curious about it before that i decided it was a movie we ought to go see. Unfortunately by the time i decided that it was already out of the theatres =P Luckily it showed up in the second run theatre down the block, so we went to see it on saturday. We both thought it was a very good movie. Better than Iron Man 2 in fact. I suppose i should mention that it's more violent than Iron Man 2, though i don't think it was as violent as Dark Knight (at least if my memory serves me correctly, which it might not. Tis a rebellious memory.) So if you like superhero movies that are half serious and half hilarious, i would definitely recommend it.

Also we finished Baccano this weekend. I feel it's worth mentioning that if you have the "complete" series, the original as aired series ends with the 13th episode, and covers pretty much all of the first three light novels the anime is based on, with a few elements of the fourth one thrown in. After the series was "done" they produced three move episodes for direct to DVD release, which are now included in the "complete" series. Those episodes pretty much cover the events of the 14th light novel, and act as kind of a coda to the main episodes. So don't be surprised when things seem to be wrapping up three episodes before the last one, and when there seems to be a bit of a discontinuity going into the last three.

But despite that slight bit of unexpectedness, it's a very awesome anime. If you haven't seen it already, perhaps this AMV might convince you. (It's what convinced me to check the series out after all =)

Also in other news, i'm about 30 hours into Infinite Space (space JRPG/fleet management sim game for the DS) right now, albeit with a fair bit of grinding mixed in. It's fun, though i'm not sure what i'd think if i wasn't following along with a FAQ. There's a _lot_ of easily missable stuff, i'm not sure if i'd enjoy it more without the FAQ because there'd be more suspense, or less because i'd be more frustrated.
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Kirinkirinn on June 8th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)
Our anime club just watched all of Baccano this past season; I liked it a lot by the end. Akiko gave up on it early because she was annoyed by the time-skipping back and forward in the plot constantly for the hell of it, which admittedly did get a little heavy at times. It all worked out by the end, but you have to get through quite a lot of "when the hell are we now" before stuff starts coming together.

I was tempted by Infinite Space - it's J-Space Opera the RPG! What could go wrong? But in addition to the fact that I have a big backlog and it's a long RPG, it did look like the kind of thing that could be annoyingly FAQ-dependent. Apparently you can make things way easier or harder on yourself based on crew assignment choices that aren't exactly obvious in-game. And I've heard mixed reviews of the combat system.