DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Exercise and dinner

The weather was wonderful today, so i went rollerblading around 2:30 (or rather left the house at 2:30 and started rollerblading at 3.)

Went south to the end of the Newport Beach path, then back again. I was originally thinking about going further, but the right rollerblade was starting to pinch my feet and it felt like i might be getting a blister, so i decided to call it quits.

Time 1:42:26, Distance 12.55 miles, Avg speed: 7.3 mph, min 0.5 mph, max 11.6 mph. Total climb: 296 yards. Calories 582.

Last night shelleycat introduced me to "natural," or rather undyed, black olives. They were kind of a greeny/brown with some black spots, and very yummy. Since my mind was still on olives today we decided to do a kind of picnicy dinner. I went to TJs and picked up some tapenade. They didn't seem to have any of the natural black/green olives, but they did have some green olives with garlic cloves in them, so i got a jar of them just to experiment. Then went to Albertson's and got some chips, french bread and cheese. I'd wanted to get brie of cambozola. I wasn't very surprised that they didn't have any cambozola, but was that they were also out of regular brie. So instead i picked up some smoked brie and some camembert.

The camembert was okay, but the smoked brie was very good. The olives with garlic were strong but also good. (And the tapenade was great of course.) All in all i ate way too much =P Hopefully the rollerblading made up for at least some of it.
Tags: exercise, food

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