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The new Lynn Flewelling Nightrunner book, "The White Road," came out on tuesday, and i'd just finished up my previous audiobook, so i immediately got that from Audible and loaded it onto my mp3 player (along with the last(?) book in Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series.)

Then today i got an order from SFBC, containing S.M. Stirling's newest book, the first book in his new urban fantasy series, "A Taint in the Blood," Connie Willis' newest book, "Blackout," which is in the same universe as "The Doomsday Book" and "To Say Nothing of the Dog", and "Warriors", an anthology with stories by lots of cool people (Novik, Hobb, Beagle, Stirling, and Weber amongst others.)

So i have much stuff to read/listen to for awhile :)
Tags: books

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