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Haven't done one of these in awhile.

Boardgame night got switched to tuesdays, and the tuesday before last we tried out Battlestar Galactica for the first time. (Well, first time for shelleycat and i, the others had played it once or twice before.) The game was all humans for the first half. I was the Admiral and managed to independently reinvent the apparently common tactic of waiting for one of the resources to get down into the red before crossing the halfway mark and revealing the Sympathizer. shelleycat was the Cylon for the second half, but between us having had all humans the first half, us screwing up several key rules, her not being familiar with the game, and a little bit of luck, we managed to win the game, though with a margin of about 2 fuel and 2 population.

The host had to cancel out for tuesday this week, so instead we got together on sunday, and did another game of BSG, but with six people this time. shelleycat and i both started out as Cylons, and shelleycat revealed herself the first chance she got. We'd figured out most of the rules and i'm pretty sure we were playing everything correctly this time (well, except for a few questions about things we thought were unclear but don't seem to be addressed by the FAQs) and the humans didn't play an especially good game (they were slow at both early jumping when faced with a large enemy fleet and at dealing with Cylon boarders,) so we managed to crush them shortly after they reached distance 4 :)

The weekend before last we went to see Iron Man 2. The premise seemed like a bit of a stretch to me, but aside from that it was a decent movie. It's kind of sad that the current commercials for it are revealing so much about Black Widow, that part was a very pleasant surprise to me, having not seen a lot of trailers/commercials/whatever beforehand.

Last saturday we went with some friends of shelleycat's to the local (non-board) gaming store so she could buy a set of darts. We all went to BJs for lunch after that, and a little later that evening went to a local bar to play darts. I did horribly :) In fact at one point i tried shifting to a different grip and managed to embed a dart in the ceiling (it wasn't a very _high_ ceiling =) One round i managed to hit a bullseye and something else good and got 80-something points. Another round i hit the target with two darts and got a 3 and a triple-1 for a total of 6 points. My average round was a lot closer to the second case than the first =P

On the plus side at least some of the other patrons seemed to have good taste in music. Somebody selected "Johnny Jump Up" on the jukebox (though not a version by any band i'm familiar with) and later someone did Rush's "Red Barchetta" :)

Last night, since there was no boardgaming, shelleycat and i drove up to balivatn's place and hung out there for awhile. We watched Boondock Saints 2, which was kinda silly and over the top.

I think that's most of the fun stuff i've been doing over the past two weeks.
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