DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Some fun stuff

I grew up watching Sesame Street, so i thought this video was hilarious. I'm not sure how funny it would be to anyone who isn't familiar with The Count from childhood.

From there i got to this video which isn't as funny overall, but does have some very good bits in it. (Particularly the bit at 1:45. What _was_ it that she was talking about anyways? =)

I originally got to the first video because neonelephant told me about the Tables of vampire traits page on wikipedia. What i found really amusing about it is that i already knew about the arithmomania weakness a (very) few vampires are subject to, but somehow i'd never put that together with Sesame Street's The Count before. And while looking at the rows about him shelleycat said she didn't remember him causing thunder, which i did, which of course is what set us looking for YouTube videos of him in the first place.

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