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Okonomiyaki and other fun randomness

Last weekend we finished the second season of Ranma and then watched the first episode of the third season, just cause i wanted to see the introduction of Ukyo. In the process of watching this episode i discovered that shelleycat had never heard of Okonomiyaki before!

Despite being slightly perturbed by the couple videos i found of bonito flakes dancing on okonomiyaki, she decided she was interested in trying it out. And when we did a moogle search i was rather surprised to find out that there's a restaurant over on Brookhurst that has them! So last night we went over there and split an okonomiyaki, along with getting a teriyaki beef/tempura bento box for me and some soba noodles for her, and some "meron" shaved ice for dessert. (Oh yeah, it turns out that shelleycat also didn't know that there is no letter 'l' in japanese either. It seems her mom was really intent on Americanizing her as a kid.) The okonomiyaki was very good, so we'll probably be doing that again at some point.

We went home and watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie for the first time since it had just shown up from Netflix. We thought it was pretty good, though i was a little disappointed that they didn't use the predictive martial arts thing a little more. It's definitely something that could have been overused, but i think they actually used it sparingly enough that it actually seemed kind of odd when it did come up.

In other news, the candy showed up yesterday! Since cwendy41 asked, i took the lamest set of box opening pics evar :)

So that's approximately 13 lbs of candy right there :)

And as long as i was messing around with pictures, i also pulled a couple funny ones off my phone. One is of an amusing sign that had at the Borders near thaisa's place, and the other is a picture of where the sidewalk ends :)

This seems too obvious for them not to have noticed, but i don't see any obvious joke/play on words, and there were lots of other signs like it around, advertising different sections of shelves, that didn't have obvious grammatical errors.

(I hope i got all those pictures in the right order, i can't actually _see_ them through the firewall right now, i'm just going by the order i remember uploading them in =P)
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