DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


17 lbs of candy is on its way to my house!(*)

...being shipped by some company i've never heard of before.

I got tired of never finding runts or chewy runts in the store anymore, so i did some online price comparisons and ordered some of each from Amazon, along with some chewy gobstoppers as well. I just got a message from Amazon today saying it had just been shipped by some company called "ONTRAC," a company either so small or so new that they don't even have a wikipedia page :)

I _also_ got an email from Amazon saying that the last bit from my giant anime order of doom had been delayed, and that if i didn't confirm the fact that it had been delayed they were going to cancel the order, which seems kind of weird to me. If i'm the kind of person who doesn't pay much attention to order status update messages and somehow missed the question, which is going to piss me off more? Finding out later that i'm getting the package late, or finding out later that i'm not getting the package at all?

(* That's what it says on the tracking page anyways. If i'm doing the math right though it's closer to about 13.5 lbs of candy, the other three or four pounds presumably being packaging. In any case i'm going to have to be careful about rationing myself. If it doesn't last at least a couple months then im doin it rong.)

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