DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Happy Holidays!

May 1: May Day and Beltaine and Walpurgis.
May 4: Star Wars Day aka... wait for it... May the 4th Be With You Day. (I had no idea this horribly punny "holiday" existed until this week.)
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
April 29 - May 5: Golden Week (in Japan)

Amusingly, i was reminded of (or learned about for the first time) the existence of each of these holidays a day or two _after_ they happened :)

In totally unrelated news, i found out about the worst software patch in the history of mankind today, for Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

What's so bad about it? To quote: "With the patch installed your opponent actually moves, there are sound effects, and the broken Nightride track is replaced with a mirror version of the first track that doesn't crash the game. The grammatically questionable but entertaining 'You're Winner!' message was also changed to read 'You Win!'"

In other words, almost all of the reasons to buy this "classic" game have been removed. :) (Okay, i suppose there _may_ still be fun with geometry to be had. (And if you start watching and think "hey! the opponent is moving!" Just jump ahead to the 3 minute mark of the first video.))

Speaking of patches, there's a rumor that Android 2.2, aka "Froyo" will be released during the Google conference on May 19-20. If said rumors are to be believed, it will include what sounds like Dalvik Turbo Java virtual machine, which supposedly makes the OS three times faster, and another rumor claims there will be support for moving apps to the SD card. I'm just about running out of space now, in fact i was out of space before i uninstalled the 20 MB Google Earth app, so that sounds great to me.

Oh yeah, it's almost certainly going to enable flash as well. I've got mixed feelings about that. Being able to watch videos on the Escapist and such, and actually be able to view restaurant webpages (who was it that made the wonderful post about that?) will be great. Being exposed to all the stability issues and virus prorogation that flash enables... not so great.

And speaking of Google, what's up with the new search page? Actually i don't mind most of the changes, but the large bold text in the text search box really bugs me for some reason. Anyone have any clue on how to turn that off?

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