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Random recappy

Damn i've been sleeping a lot lately =P

Saturday we went to a local Irish restaurant/pub called "Silky Sullivan's" for dinner with some friends of shelleycat's. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have cider on tap, and the selection of actual Irish food was rather limited, but aside from that it was pretty good. Afterwards i got to play my first game of darts ever, which worked a bit differently that i thought. I'd kind of figured you just played a number of rounds and totaled up the points. Instead you start at 301 points and keep going around until someone hits 0 exactly. I actually managed to win the fourth game because i got really lucky on a couple rounds early on, and so got to spend four or five rounds in a row trying to hit the one spot necessary for me to get to 0 =P

Sunday i slept all morning and early afternoon, and then shelleycat slept all late afternoon and early evening while i was doing One City Challenges in Civ 4.

Monday was rollerblading.

Tuesday we went back to Silky Sullivan's to try their tuesday night specials, which were pretty good. Afterwards i took a nap, got up for an hour or two and watched V, then went back to sleep.

Last night i got home around 7 and fell asleep around 8 and stayed that way all night =P

Movies and such

We watched the Wolverine movie a couple weeks ago. It really didn't seem as bad as i'd gotten the impression it was. Which is not to say it was great by any means. It was an adequately competent second tier superhero movie.

We watched The Vampire's Assistant a week or so ago. It started out pretty slow, but became adequately entertaining by the end. Of course i was playing Civ at the time and i think shelleycat was doing something else as well, so "adequately entertaining" is certainly a relative term.

I also finished listening to David Weber's latest Safehold novel, "A Mighty Fortress." I had some tactical/logical gripes (as usual) but otherwise enjoyed it, although i know i'm pretty much alone in my friends list in feeling that way towards that series :)
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