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Not many posts lately. Have been lethargic. Also made the mistake of trying out Civ4 again after buying it from Impulse. Also, apparently GOG now has Master of Magic on sale. I wonder if it would be wise to try and tempt myself away from Civ4 using (your) MoM? (I realized if i didn’t make the joke jmpava probably would =P)

I really ought to post the answers for the lyrics meme but... lethargic and distracted by Civ4 =P (Hey coraa, were you going to take a stab at answering that? There’s at least a couple that you ought to know ;)

Also, i finally got around to digging through the Sony website some more and entering in the details of my PS3. It seems that the service request would cost $120, plus tax. I’m not sure if that covers shipping or not. It might cover the shipping back but not the cost of shipping it to them. (The one page with any information i could find said they’d pay for shipping, but the page was specifically referring to machines that were still under warranty.)

On the other hand, i could just buy a new PS3 Slim for $300 (plus tax.) The new PS3 would (reportedly) be smaller, quieter, cooler, and more energy efficient, and the old PS3 would still be available for playing PSN games. Also the new one would come with a new 1 year warranty (i think it’s 1 year?) rather than the 90 day warranty on a repaired unit. Also, after the contract with Microsoft expires sometime this year Netflix is supposedly going to allow PS3s to use the Netflix service without inserting the disk. Dilema.

I suppose i could make a poll out of that.

Poll #1558559 PS3 dilemma

What should I do?

Get the old PS3 fat repaired for $120 (plus possibly shipping and handling)
Buy a new PS3 Slim for $300

In happier news the giant box of anime DVDs showed up from Amazon yesterday, though in retrospect if i could have predicted the PS3 fiasco i probably would have spent less on the anime and saved the money up for the repairs/new unit =P

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