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Not too surprisingly, there weren't a lot of people at the beach on a cool and windy (albeit sunny) monday afternoon. I decided to vary my route by going further north before turning back, on the theory that that way i could just stop when i got back to Magnolia and still get the same distance in, rather than having to go past it and work my way back north (which is always more tedious =P)

That idea worked great until i hit the patch of really rough asphalt. I gritted my teeth over it and got to a smooth patch, which didn't last very long at all before it turned rough again =P I stopped at the edge and decided i wasn't willing to deal with that anymore. There was a ramp up to the street so i decided to go up and see if i could go further along the street, unfortunately PCH does not have sidewalks along it at that point. However just out of curiosity i crossed the street and found a long stretch of wide, smooth sidewalk with few cross streets and zero stop lights (running along a golf course it turns out when i checked the map of my route on the website later. So i went along there for awhile before turning back and retracing my route.

Time: 1:43:41. Distance 12.69 miles. Average speed 7.3 mph, min speed 3.1 mph, max speed 13.7 mph. Total climb: 293 yards. Calories: 589. (You know, i sure hope that’s _in addition_ to the 100 or so calories per hour i burn just by being alive =P)
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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