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Well i'm glad i finished FF13 before my PS3's disk reader decided to die =P A quick glance at the internet seems to indicate it will cost about $150 to get fixed, even aside from the issue of either having to drive it to a service center or (more likely) figure out how to ship it to them :(

Unfortunately this is going to pose some difficulties in finishing up the rest of the FAQ i was working on =P

In other game related news, i tried out Master of Orion 2 on average difficulty and kicked ass in a medium sized galaxy. I then tried a one planet challenge in a small galaxy. The first time was with four or five other races. I did okay for awhile, but eventually people started declaring war on me, usually due to espionage actions i was getting framed for. I think part of the problem may have been that one of the other empires was the Darloks =P It got down to three alien races, and two of them i was able to kick the ass of in combat, but not the third, who had tech a little too advanced for me.

So i tried out a second one planet challenge, this time with just two other races. This time it went a lot better. I'm not sure if my strategy improved, or less races meant less of a challenge, or just a lack of the damn Darloks meant less of a challenge :) By the time the other two races were no longer willing to accept my bribes for peace i was able to kick their asses all over the galaxy :)

So my plan at this point was originally to work on FF13 stuff some more, but....

Perhaps i should install Civ4 since i just (re)bought it from Impulse? Or i could try out the first Master of Orion...

In other news, i was listening to a video game podcast talking about the latest Pokemon game, which has a pedometer add-on which apparently gives you bonus goodies in the game depending on how far you walk with it. Which makes me think: Drinking Bird, best "practical" use EVAR! :)

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