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Music lyric thing

I'm lazy, and don't have a poll to do today, so instead i'm gonna do that old guess the lyrics meme that kirinn reminded me about.

I think the rules are just write down the first line or two of the lyrics of the next X songs on your current playlist. I cheated a little since my current playlist is actually every song in my mp3 folder, which includes songs with no lyrics, sound effects, comedy sketches, and a lot of stuff that i don't normally listen to myself (or in some cases never actually listened to before at all =) So i just added lyrics for the first X songs to come up that i'd rated 3 stars or higher.

I think in theory i'm supposed to cross them out as people guess them, but i'm not going to do that cause it makes it hard for other people to read. And i think people ought to try to guess all the ones they know, not just all the ones they know that haven't been guessed already.

At least one of the songs has been covered by multiple people, so you get bonus points if you can predict which artist's version i was listening to as well :)

1: One to be a person, two to be a team, three to be a family and four to build a dream

2: Who would not be in love with bonnie [redacted]?

3: She's got tattoos, and piercings, she likes Minor Threat, she likes Social Distortion

4: I can't help myself, I'm addicted to a life of material

5: Look, if you had one shot to sit on your lazy butt

6: I had no choice, but to hear you, you stated your case, time and again

7: In days of old in a kingdom bold, there lived a fearsome dragon

8: [redacted] sent a challenge from Dunbar, Charlie meet me an ye dare

9: If you could only read my mind you would know that things between us ain't right

10: And it's go boys go, they'll time your every breath

11: Shut your mouth, my mama said. Don't saddle me, with selfishness.

12: I, I'm driving black on black, just got my license back

13: I've got twelve disciples and a buddah smile, garden of allah, viking valhalla

14: I don't know if you believe in christmas, or if you have presents underneath the christmas tree

15: All that we can do is just survive, all that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive

16: I heard a loud sound, outside my drug store, so i stuck out my head

17: Lies, lies, lies, lies, gold, gold, gold, gold

18: Darkness hanging in the sky in the morn, moonlight dying as the sun is reborn

19: Sun's up, it's a little after twelve, make breakfast for myself, leave the work for someone else

20: Everybody's looking over your shoulder, seems they can't wait to hear what's next

21: We were running in a [redacted] Running, running, aie, aie

22: All aboard, hit the road, all the bullshit, can't be ignored

23: I asked myself, was i content, with the world i once cherished

24: If there's someone you can live without, then do so

25: I'm sitting by the window of your thirty-second floor apartment


a: I'm coming up, so you better get this party started
(Aside from the obvious reason, i think i've actually used this one in the meme before =)

plus some non-english ones that i expect only a couple people on my friends list even have a shot at :)

b: Hadashi de odorou volume agete Poppukon houbari asa made tawamureru no

c: omae ni itsu deaeru no darou? [redacted] de tsubuyaku ore wa kyou mo

d: isagiyoku kakkoyoku ikite-yukou Just a long long time

Tags: memes, music

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