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More sales, damn it (plus Master of Orion/Master of Magic news)

In less controversial news, it seems like spring is the time for sales. I guess they're trying to catch kids on spring break or something?

1UP tipped me off that there are some more such sales going on this week.

The most interesting of which, in my mind at least, is Impulse's sale of Civilization 3 Complete + Civilization 4 Complete for $30. On Steam they're individually $5 and $40 respectively. I actually picked up Civ3 from Steam when they were doing a sale around New Years (for $3.34) but it wouldn't hurt to get another copy that's (slightly) less DRMed.

In vaguely related news, GOG added "Call to Power 2" to their store a little while ago for $6. So why pick this up for $6 when you could get Civ3 for a little less? Well Call to Power 2 definitely isn't as technically proficient as Civ 3 (although there's a patch/mod from Apolyton that supposedly fixes a lot of the issues) but it did introduce a lot of new ideas that greatly improve the experience. Some of those improvements the main Civ series has picked up, and some have been unfortunately ignored.

The best features of CtP2 are:

* Public Works: Instead of maintaining and army of Engineers to build improvements, you can set a slider to tax your production for Public Works points. You can use those to just buy improvements anywhere in your territory. This is the #1 improvement that Civ5 ought to pick up (but probably won't.)

* Armies: This has been introduced in later versions of Civ, but at least in Civ4 it's rather broken. In CtP2 you can stack a limited number of units together to automatically form an army, and it actually implements combined arms in a decent manner. (If you form an army of all ranged units without front line units to protect them they'll get slaughtered.)

* Future tech: Once you've researched all of the "real technology" the game keeps on going. You can build underwater cities, get futuristic government types, and built high-tech combat units (including, if i remember correctly, giant walking fortresses.) (A quick check shows that the two added Ages are the Genetic Age and the Diamond (aka nanotech) age.)

In fact, now that i'm looking for details, someone made a post on Apolyton that gets pretty specific on the differences between Civ3 and CtP2.

But in news that might also interest a lot of people (relatively speaking at least) the front page banner for GOG indicates that they'll be making Master of Orion available... tuesday morning it looks like. And digging through old news posts it looks like Master of Magic should be showing up at some point too! MoO has probably been one of the most requested games on the site, hence the giant banner advertising it. Hopefully they'll add MoO2 at some point as well (though hopefully _without_ automatically including the patch that "fixes" the game balance =)

In other spring sale news, i did end up ordering a large pile of anime from Amazon.... which currently isn't supposed to ship for another two weeks.
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