DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Good news?

After listening to everyone's suggestions, if i were to get about 80% of the stuff i'm interested in from the Amazon anime sale it would total up to about $400. Yikes!

On the other hand, i did taxes sunday night, and my net "profit" on those is $800. So i _could_ get the anime and have $400 left over. I'm not sure if that would be wise or not.

In other news, Wumpskate was pretty good last night, but with some downsides. This is the second time i've been there recently where there were no Doomie tacos or free snacks and instead they were selling the usual concession stuff. I suspect that the rink cracked down on the selling/providing of outside food there =/ At least they've finished the remodeling though. It looks like they sanded and re-varnished the skating rink, which was nice.

I wasn't especially happy with the guest DJ they had for the first half. Although he did play a rather amusing mash-up of some Lady Gaga song and that "Enter Night" Metallica song. I got happier when Xian took over, then less happy when _twice_ she started playing some music i really liked and then immediately told everyone to start skating in the other direction =P

I tried to record my skating on the CardioTrainer app, but i've gotten too used to it automatically pausing itself when i'm doing outdoor skating, so i kept forgetting to pause it when stopped skating and to unpause it when i started skating again. I have no idea if i ended up losing more time than i gained or what, but the final total came out to 2:58:11, with 1013 calories burned.

Oh yeah, and this morning i picked up the latest book in David Weber's "Safehold" series from Audible. I know that 99% of everyone else ranges from apathy to antipathy on that series, but it makes _me_ happy :) (Now i just need to finish listening to Vernor Vinge's "A Deepness in the Sky.")
Tags: anime, clubs, rollerblading

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