DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Damn you Amazon!

coraa (indirectly) pointed out to me that Amazon was having an anime sale. Actually, they seem to be having two anime sales. What looks like the best one is here and runs until April 19th. (If the long complicated link doesn't work, you should be able to go to Amazon's Anime page and find a link from there.)

So, um, help? There's probably way too much here to get everything i could possible want. Does anyone have any recommendations or disrecommendations?

I've got a couple lists going already, what i'll probably get, what i might get, and what i'm curious about but not especially likely to get as things currently stand.

So is there anything below that i definitely should get? Or definitely shouldn't get? And is there anything in the sale list that didn't catch my eye that i should take another look at?

Probably get:

Baccano ($28) I loved the AMV i saw of it a couple years ago, and it's gotten really good reviews.

Full Metal Alchemist Season One ($38) I've been wanting to get Full Metal Alchemist for awhile, and i don't think i'm going to find a better price than this?

Full Metal Alchemist Season Two ($38) See above :)

Last Exile ($28) I really liked Last Exile. Currently i have the first three or four DVDs. Buying the remaining three or four DVDs on an individual basis would probably cost more than $28. (Or be a total pain if i tried to find used copies.) So, uh, anyone interested in the first three or four DVDs of Last Exile? :)

Maybe get:

Pumpkin Scissors ($15) Has gotten some good reviews. It's really cheap. Is supposed to be right after an alternate World War 2 (though perhaps not quite as alternate as Valkyria Chronicles =) Also it's by Gonzo. Unfortunately it's based on a manga that wasn't done at the time of the series, so apparently it kinda just stops =P

Cowboy Bebop movie ($12) Like and own the series. Not heard much one way or the other about the movie.

Twelve Kingdoms ($44) Has also gotten some good reviews. Also stops in the middle (apparently it got canceled) but they managed to throw together at least some kind of stopping point (or so some reviewers claimed.)

Fruits Basket ($28) Seen it and liked it, though not quite as much as Last Exile.

Iria - Zeiram the Animation ($13) It's not a great anime, but i've got fond memories of it because the protagonist kicks ass and looks cute doing it :)

Fate Stay Night ($28) Watched a couple episodes and thought they were decent, and there are some very good AMVs for it.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ($55) It's by Clamp. It has (a?) Makona in it. I loved Rayearth, and thought at least the first couple disks of Card Captor Sakura were okay.

Giant Robo ($15) Kind of old, but supposed to be good.

Air ($28) One of the many PG anime converted from an H-game series, this one at least has a more interesting setup than most and has gotten some good reviews.

Ah My Goddess Season One ($30) I have and like the OAVs. Haven't seen any of the TV series, but 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz say it's reasonably good.

Full Metal Alchemist Premium OVA Collection ($10) Not sure what this actually is or if it's worth it. And Full Metal fans care to comment? :)

Curious about:

Moon Phase ($17) Supposedly a somewhat silly anime with an incredibly silly opening about a guy who photographs ghosts and a vampire. It's gotten decent reviews.

Utawarerumono ($38) Random fantasy anime that's gotten some good reviews.

Kanon ($37) It's supposed to be rather good for one of those romantic "one guy trying to decide between all the girls" type series.
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