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09 April 2010 @ 06:06 pm
Wumpskate! (I hope)  
According to the usual schedule monday should be Wumpskate! They haven't sent out an email about it yet though (they're frequently rather lax about that) so i have no idea what the theme is yet =P Just a heads-up for the one or two people who occasionally say they're interested in it but never end up going :)

Also, this saturday is a Ruin night. The theme this time is "Sakura Matsuri": " For the occasion, guests are invited to dress in their finest Asian-inspired attire, whether Japanese, Chinese, traditional, modern, couture, school girl, or even anime and ninja! We are deeply honored to announce that we will be enjoying a traditional Japanese dance by the renowned Kaz Matamura (Secret Rose Theatre, Madam Butterfly) just before midnight!"

Which sounds awesome, but "unfortunately" shelleycat and i have a wedding we need to attend tomorrow, which makes going out clubbing that evening kind of problematic =P