DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wumpskate! (I hope)

According to the usual schedule monday should be Wumpskate! They haven't sent out an email about it yet though (they're frequently rather lax about that) so i have no idea what the theme is yet =P Just a heads-up for the one or two people who occasionally say they're interested in it but never end up going :)

Also, this saturday is a Ruin night. The theme this time is "Sakura Matsuri": " For the occasion, guests are invited to dress in their finest Asian-inspired attire, whether Japanese, Chinese, traditional, modern, couture, school girl, or even anime and ninja! We are deeply honored to announce that we will be enjoying a traditional Japanese dance by the renowned Kaz Matamura (Secret Rose Theatre, Madam Butterfly) just before midnight!"

Which sounds awesome, but "unfortunately" shelleycat and i have a wedding we need to attend tomorrow, which makes going out clubbing that evening kind of problematic =P
Tags: clubs, rollerblading

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