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Went rollerblading after work today. 9.98 miles in 1:15:36. Averaged 7.9 mph, max 14.6 mph, min 2.5 mph. Total climb: 266 yards

The chart of speed over time is interesting. There's a long low speed section, where i was going north (uphill and into the wind) and then a much shorter section where i was going south (downhill and with the wind) and then another short slow section working my way back north to where i started. Unfortunately if that chart is uploaded to the website i haven't figured out how to view it =P

Oh yeah, i also burned 430 calories. If i'm lucky that's equal to about 20% of the easter candy i've consumed this week :) (If i'm unlucky it's closer to 10% =P)
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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