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I'm behind on posts =P

I suppose the first order of business is that i finished Final Fantasy 13 saturday night :) Not much to say about it now really, perhaps i'll try to do an overall review of the game after i've done a little more post game stuff. Also, i need to finish up my FAQ :)

We went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D sunday afternoon. It was really kind of random, we needed an excuse to get out of the apartment and were debating between the mall and the arcade. So i pulled up rottentomatoes and checked what movies are out and saw that A: that movie was out and B: it had gotten really good reviews, or at least a lot of generally positive reviews. (90%+)

It was in fact a pretty good movie. I can't tell if the 3D really added anything though (one of the reviews claimed it was excellent for the flight scenes, i'd need to watch that part again without 3D in order to make a comparison before saying.) The movie itself was one of those very predictable stories (you could probably guess a lot of it from the trailer) but it was well done. For something purported to be good to take your kids to, it had a fairly sarcastic bent to it and a noted absence of the kind of body humor that "kids" and "dumb adult" movies so often throw in.

It also managed to appeal to a couple of my personal prejudices (anti-prejudices? what's the word for an illogical attraction? (And is there a word for "not based on logic but not wrong"? alogical? My word brain is failing me today.)) in that the dragons acted a lot like cats in many ways, and the love interest was an aggressive kick-ass warrior (albeit a blonde one.)

Also, shelleycat got "The Time Traveler's Wife" from Netflix and we watched it... friday night i think?

I liked the book of the Time Traveler's Wife (well, the audiobook technically) but it was rather depressing. To me it seemed to spend a lot of time foreshadowing the bad stuff. Or at least it dropped the big hints early on so i spent most of the book dreading the end.

The movie felt... kinda rushed. I know that movie adaptions always have to drop lots of content to make it to the end in a reasonable amount of time, however it's not always so noticeable. This _may_ be the first movie adaption i've seen of a book that i first "read" as an audiobook, which _may_ have something to do with it. Audiobooks always go at a set pace, so you can't rush through boring parts (or exciting parts =) and sometimes it seems that more trivial details make a bigger impact that way.

In any case, for a story about a time traveler the movie managed to make the plot seem very simple and linear. But maybe that's just me.

Sleep Stuff:

Last sunday night i got 2-3 hours of sleep, and woke up feeling fairly alert and rested.

Last monday night i went to bed about 1, but did not feel tired at all. I ended up spending awhile looking up silly old commercials TV show themes on my Nexus for awhile (Tootsie pop commercials, Reading Rainbow, CBS Storybreak, 3-2-1 Contact, Carmen Sandiego.) ("Luckily" shelleycat also wasn't really feeling sleepy =)

I had my alarm set for six though, and i knew that after getting so little sleep the night before i was probably going to be screwed getting so little again. So finally at some point i just made myself close my eyes and relax and go to sleep. (This is presumably the point where real insomniacs kill me =)

So when my alarm went off... four hours later? Maybe a little less? I was surprised to find myself feeling rested and alert yet again. It's always nice when i'm unexpectedly not tired :)

In related weirdness, i was starting to cough again sunday night after i went to bed, so i started sucking on a Halls. It happened to be the last one we had, so i was careful to actually suck on it rather than crunching on it like i usually do. So at some point i fell asleep and when i woke up the 2-3 hours later i found i still had the Halls glued to the roof of my mouth. I know saliva production goes down while you sleep, but that still seemed kinda strange =P
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