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No one expected the Virtual Boy 2!!!

Er, what?

Remember that poll i did awhile back about what Nintendo was working on next?

Well everyone who guessed it was going to be a new handheld system was right.

Everyone who made any kind of guess about when they would announce it was incredibly and bizarrely wrong. At least i'm pretty sure no one expected them to announce it on a random tuesday morning in the middle of March by a stealth press release!

I really can't figure out what they were thinking. They've been busy denying the existence of the thing for so long, which you always expect leading up to a big announcement. But it usually _is_ a lead up to a big announcement. It's like they'd been prepping for an E3 reveal, and then suddenly Iwata woke up today and just spontaneously said "Fuck it! Let's just tell everyone right now!"

Or maybe they're hoping the confusion caused by the surprise will reduce the number of comparisons to the Virtual Boy? :) The system is "temporarily" named the Nintendo 3DS, and will supposedly allow 3D gaming without the need to stick anything on your face.

I guess it kind of worked in my case. My brain is so confused by the timing of the announcement that i haven't even begun to contemplate how they're going to make 3D tech like that work effectively, especially in a handheld.
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