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I always like going south. Somehow it feels like going downhill.

I am in lurv with the android app CardioTrainer!

I'm not sure if it's cause i'm still getting over being sick, or because i haven't been rollerblading in about two months, or because prior to that i hadn't been rollerblading in two or three more months (or all three of course) but i got tired kind of early this time.

This was my first chance to rollerblade at the new (old) beach. I hadn't forgotten how much more crowded it is than the one in Redondo, in fact i was wondering before i went about the wisdom of going out there on the first warm sunny saturday this year, but although it wasn't a surprise how many people were on the northern half with the shops and such, but it was definitely a change. Of course along with more people to dodge also comes more people to look at :)

Anyways, CardioTrainer is awesome (when you're not going in circles at a skating rink.) It tracks how far you go and how fast you're moving, and even gives you a graph when you're done! It's smart enough to pause itself when you stop moving and start up again when you're done. (As a side affect i'm not 100% sure how long i was out there, i only know how long i was rollerblading, though the stops for water certainly weren't _that_ long.

So workout stats! 74 minutes. 9.9 miles. 8.0 mph average. Max speed 13.5 mph, min speed 3.2 mph. Total climb 186 yards. Calories burned 421.

That's a fair bit lower than what the website was originally using says i should have burned for one hour of rollerblading, but i always thought that number was a little unrealistic =/

I started at Magnolia, went up to the point where the good pavement stops, then went all the way back past Magnolia to the point the path goes over the bridge thing over the river/estuary/whatever.

I'm kind of sad there isn't a premium version of CardioTrainer i can buy (the basic version is free.) I suppose i could just buy the "Weight Loss for CardioTrainer" add-on from them just to show my appreciation, even though i probably wouldn't actually use it.
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