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Heh, i'm playing FF13 while listening to the KSPC video game music show, which is playing... FF13 music :)

In other news, i meant to post this earlier today but forgot =P

Wow, i think the last two movies we've seen in theatres have been Avatar and Zombieland. Compared to last year we're really falling down at the going out to see movies thing. I guess perhaps now is a good time to do my yearly what i'm looking forward to list? Perhaps that will get us motivated to actually watch something. Or perhaps i ought to look at our failure to go out to movies as a good thing :)

Thought might be good but haven't seen (yet): The Princess and the Frog, Legion (though going by the reviews missing it probably was/is a good thing,) and Alice in Wonderland.

Upcoming movies that sound at least potentially interesting:

How to Train Your Dragon: Mar 26. Shelleycat thinks the dragon looks a little too newt-like, but i still think it looks interesting.

Clash of the Titans: Apr 2. Woot for the retro SF/Fantasy/whatever remakes! :) (As long as it turns out good anyways =)

Iron Man 2: May 7. Origin stories are relatively easy to do. Let's see if the series manages to fall down or not once they no longer have that crutch.

Robin Hood: May 14. Not too thrilled about the cast choice, but Robin Hood movies always have the potential of being good. (Although i expect none will ever live up to the standard set by Disney ;)

Shrek Forever After: May 21. Srsly? And it's subtitled "the Final Chapter"? The second one was kind of already heading downhill (but it did have the cat! =) and i barely remember anything about the third one. We'll see.

Prince of Persia: May 28. I forget if this is one of the adventure games that shelleycat really likes. I've never played any of the new ones, just the old PC 2D one. I think i actually managed to finish it once. (Get off my lawn!) Of course since it's a video game movie my hopes are not high.

June 11: The A-Team remake and the Karate Kid remake go head to head. This ought to be interesting. I expect the commentary surrounding that ought to be more amusing than the movies themselves :) Expect a lot of Mr. T and Crane Kick references. If Karate Kid does/reviews poorly i expect at least one bad punny article title/reference to "the wax has come off this franchise."

Toy Story 3: June 18. Normally i'd start to get a little worried at this point in the sequel process, but Toy Story 2 was great. And Pixar has never let me down. Well, except for Cars. (No, i haven't watched it, but i think i already know as much about it as i need to from the way too many Cars shorts that i had to sit through during the Pixar shorts marathon.) Speaking of which, this is going to be the last good Pixar movie for a year and a half. The good news? The next possibly good Pixar movie will have a female protagonist!

Twilight 2: June 30. We better not be going to see this in theatres, though i expect shelleycat may make me watch the DVD later ;) This is on the list mainly because the theatrics surrounding the release ought to be entertaining.

The Last Airbender: July 2. Based on a good anime. Awesome looking effects. Somewhat racist casting. What to do? =/

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: July 16. Bizarre conceptual twist. Bizarre casting choices. Looks kind of cool despite that.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Sept 10. Not expecting great things, but i'm curious.

MegaMind: Nov 5, animated superhero/villain comedy. Could be good :)

Tangled: Nov 12. I guess this is Disney's next big animated flick? A retelling of Rapunzel it seems?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1: Nov 19. They split it up into two parts? I must have heard something about it at some point, but it seems new to me now.

Red Dawn: Nov 24. Ahhh, i'd heard they were remaking this, wasn't aware it was going to be out so soon. At first i thought they were crazy, since the original Red Dawn spoke to a time that doesn't exist anymore. "Recasting" the Soviets as Chinese is potentially brilliant though. The armchair analysts i know are in violent disagreement on whether China will be the US's next big military rival, or if their current massive economic development is going to end up being a wet firecracker because of population/age demographics.

Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Dec 10. Prince Caspian had some issues. The logistics/demographics issues in particular bugged the heck out of me for no especially good reason. On the plus side i expect they can manage to not leave a single ship woefully underpopulated.

Tron Legacy: Dev 17. Is this that Tron sequel they've been talking about on and off for forever now? Rarely do such things turn out well, but i can always hope.

Gulliver's Travels: Dec 22. The premise sounds interesting. Not sure what to think about the casting of Jack Black. I am not one of those people who is especially impressed by him.


And while i'm at it, video games!

Unfortunately people on wikipedia aren't as obsessed about keeping the 2010 in video games page up to date. Of course i think video games are somewhat more prone to delay committing to a specific day than movies are. (Or maybe i just think that because i hear more about video game delays.)

Already out: Mega Man 10, though i really ought to finish (or at least play a significant amount of) Mega Man 9 before i worry about the new one. Likewise Tropico 3 might be interesting after i try out Tropico 1 and 2 from GOG. If i ever get back to and get bored with Soul Calibur 4 and Mortal Kombat vs DC i should check out Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I'm still tempted by Bayonetta. I keep thinking the Mysterious Dungeon series sounds interesting, perhaps Shiren the Wanderer is the right place to jump in. And of course i may want to check out BioShock 2 after i've gotten the chance to play the first one, but that may not happen until i get a better computer.

Infinite Space: March 16. Okay, technically that was a couple days ago :) It sounds kind of like StarCon 2 on rails, but even a dumbed down StarCon 2 might be worth checking out. (After all, i did enjoy the dumbed down Final Fantasy game *ducks* ;)

Red Steel 2: March 23. I'm curious to see if Wii Motion Plus will let them get the sword fighting right this time. If they do it could be a very interesting game.

Shin Megami Tensei - Strange Journey: March 23. I keep telling myself i need to check out this series. Maybe this will be the one. Most likely not.

Monster Hunter Tri: April 20. This is the series/game everyone is going crazy for in Japan right now. I'm kinda curious about it, don't know if i'll bother checking it out.

Nier: April 27. On the plus side, it's a Squenix game. On the minus side, i haven't heard anything about it yet that hasn't been totally generic.

Red Dead Redemption: May 18. Sounds like a cool variant on GTA. Unfortunately Red Faction Guerrilla is an even cooler variation, and i doubt i'll be done with it by the point this comes out.

Super Mario Galaxy 2: May 20. I actually finished the first one, though in theory i want to go back and get the rest of the stars at some point.

Metroid Other M: June 27. I was kind of meh about the 3D Metroids (just like i was kind of meh about the 3D Zeldas) so perhaps i can get back into the series with this one.

Epic Mickey: Sept 16. The concept art looked amazing. The actual screenshots looked okay. We'll see how it ends up.

And that's all they wrote :)
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