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16 March 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Perhaps this says something about me...  
I did eventually find the Mission Info. There's no link to it from the main menu, you have to open the map and then press the square button. Yay!

However another UI issue that's been kind of annoying is the lack of separate music and SFX sound controls. shelleycat doesn't really like jazz, and Sazh's theme in chapter 9 was driving her batty, so she asked me to turn the music down. She didn't believe me at first that a game as modern as FF13 didn't have audio controls. (I didn't like Sazh's themes either, but they wasn't quite enough for me to want to turn off the volume entirely on my own.)

I'd like to turn the music off right now because i'm doing missions and leveling, and i find the music in FF13 in general to be incredibly boring.

So after getting some Lemmings music stuck in my head i managed to find a collection of SNES music files and a winamp plugin to play them. I was planning to just turn the sound of entirely and play random Lemmings music in the background, but shelleycat got fed up with that during dinner before i even got FF13 started up again :) (shelleycat thinks i should point out that she doesn't get fed up by a lot of things, which is very true. She just doesn't especially like old video game music. She's even pretty good about that usually, but i admit that the SNES Lemmings soundtrack is a bit hardcore in that regard =)

I guess thinking FF13's music is boring and preferring the Lemmings sountrack falls under the same mental category as feeling the FF6 has the best graphics in the Final Fantasy series? :) (It also has better music that FF13, but pulling up the mp3s from that wouldn't have been as much of a challenge =)
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Pava: AD_TeachersFightingjmpava on March 17th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
I didn't have much thoughts on the music they were playing with sazh leading, except for one. THAT IT WAS BETTER THEN THE FRICKING SIREN they were playing the REST of chpt 9 ;->
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Andrewneonelephant on March 18th, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)
Odd, my complaint thus far has been that the BGM volume seems to be set uncommonly low for the series, and there's no way to turn it up :-P I grant you that the music for that section isn't one of the pieces I have this complaint about (it's just kind of surreal to play that during a prison break sequence; I don't actively hate it).