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Well the plan has pretty much failed, though i was expecting that to be the case.

After doing a couple hours of math last night i finally pushed through the last bit of chapter 10 and got to chapter 11. Wherein i found some enemies i could beat. And some enemies i could at least pretend i was making an impression on before they smacked me down. And the Adamantoise. (Adamantoises?) You know, the one that's been getting showcased in all the screencaps for the last year or so as an example of "look! We have really big enemies in our games!"?

I'd originally thought about pushing on through to see if i could finish the game last night, but although i figure the Adamantoise are probably a post-endgame enemy, i suspect that if i can't at least handle the mid-range enemies in chapter 11 that i'll have some trouble with chapters 12 and 13 :)

So i spent the rest of the night running around and leveling up. I also finished two missions, though the interface for those is kind of crap. If there's a way to see either what your current mission is or get even a vague hint as to where you need to go, i haven't been able to find it yet.

Speaking of leveling up, little hint to everyone else. When you get to chapter 11 (or whenever it is that i got this last Crystarium level) it seems that every character has one job that will have an "extra ATB" spot on it. Once i realized that i of course made a beeline for them. Luckily i hadn't gone too far astray before i noticed them.

And speaking of jobs, I'm glad that all the classes have been unlocked for all the players. However it seems a little cheap that they all start out at 3000 CP a spot =P The "regular" jobs were about 4000 CP a spot at that point, and are getting up to 8000 CP, but that's for really advanced skills and attribute bonuses of +15 or +20 and HP bonuses of +100. The stuff you get for unlocking the first levels of the other classes looks like regular first level stuff but for a special new price of 3000 CP =P

I'm also a little sad that i can't look ahead to see what skills each of them would get. Clearly every Synergist isn't equal to every other Synergist. I'm reluctant to start spending point on Lightning Fang or Vanille for that class before i know what they'll get, even aside from the horrible cost-effectiveness of it all.

In other news, i hope i find a monster that drops something valuable soon =P I used up most of my big piles of good exp components leveling up Vanille's Belladonna Wand, and i've already sold all my credit/incentive chips. So far in chapter 11 i've found lots of good bonus boosting components, but none with either a high exp or high resale value.

So tonight shelleycat will probably be playing God of War 3. Maybe i can work in some FF13 when she gets tired :) Otherwise i should probably either take a nap, or start on the outline of the Weapon Upgrade FAQ i was thinking of writing. (I figure i can get a good basic one done, then get tired of it, and some other FAQ writer can pick it up and finish it after that =)
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