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Not really about FF13, kinda

I'm in the middle of chapter 10 right now. Nothing much to report except one incredibly spoilery bit which i will save for it's own post later or something.

So what else have i been up to lately? Um.... *thinks*

Well, i went to the mall last monday to buy FF13 :)

Originally shelleycat was thinking of coming with me, but she wasn't feeling great, so we decided to go get dinner at Chili's and then i could drop her off back home and go straight to the mall.

Chili's is no longer doing the 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 dessert for $20 thing. Now they've got a 1 personal sized appetizer and 1 entree for $10 thing, which we both decided to take advantage of. I got the half-order of cheese fries and a burger i think. shelleycat got a half-order of the southwest eggrolls and whatever the ribs entree was. After ordering i looked up what i'd just done in the nutrition guide, and thought, well, it's kinda a special night, and i can try and make up the calories tomorrow =P

A little later someone who i think was the manager (or the head-whatever at the moment) brought out my order of cheese fries and said something along the lines of "I'm sorry, i'm having them make up another batch of fries for you, they kind of skimped on this one." In what was, for me, an amazing moment of actually focused thinking and clarity, i looked at the amount of fried in the plate he'd given me, thought "that looks like more than enough for one person, and they number of calories they listed in the nutrition guide for a half-order is way more than i should be having anyways," and responded to him with something along the lines of, "it's okay, this is more than enough."

I'm not sure if he didn't hear me, or just misinterpreted it as a polite nothing that he ought to ignore. A little bit later our waitress came back with the rest of our food, and we were kind of surprised that both the burger and the ribs came with fries. I think we'd both kind of expected that since we were doing the special offer thing the entrees wouldn't come with the usual sides. I vaguely wondered if maybe that was normally the case, but the manager had ignored me earlier and given us the extra fries on the side. Well, i was half right. A little bit later our waitress came back out and asked us if we'd gotten our extra cheese fries yet. I said no, but that we really didn't need any more fries. This was certainly true. Between the cheese fries appetizer and the two sides of fries we were practically drowning in fries.

So a few minutes later a different waitress walks out with a bag and says, with a question in her voice "i've got an order of cheese fries to go?"


So we just looked confused, which we were, and said no, and she apologized, probably thinking she had the wrong table or something. A minute or two later our waitress came out and apologized to us for her manager trying to push the fries on us.

In the end i did manager to finish my possibly-less-than-half-order of cheese fries, although neither one of us made a significant dent in the normal sides of regular fries, and we eventually managed to escape without any more cheese fries being inflicted upon us.

It was all rather kind of surreal.

So after that i dropped shelleycat off at home and got to the mall around 8:30 or 9. I went by Pinkberry to get some dessert. Yes, i'd already had too many calories, but i was at the mall! :) And Pinkberry doesn't actually have that many calories anyways.

After that i wandered around the mall for a bit before heading to Barnes & Noble for a little less than an hour. It was kind of fun getting to experience the mall late at night most others had headed home.

At 10 i went through the attached Starbucks to get an apple cider (since it was kind of cool out and i was in shorts and a t-shirt =) and got in line at the Gamestop. At that point the "line" consisted of five guys in front of me. One of the employees was waiting at the door and told me that if i hadn't already paid off my pre-order i should go do that now. So i went inside, and was a little surprised to see that one of the three people staffing the place was one of the people neonelephant and i used to play boardgames with at In-n-Out on thursday nights :) (Actually i can't remember if he was part of the subset of that group that played boardgames or not, but whatever.)

So i talked with the five guys in front of me a bit (although one of them left after about fifteen or twenty minutes, don't know why) and with the In-n-Out friend whenever he had door duty. Turns out one of the four people in line ahead of me had a Nexus One, so we chatted a little about that. The Gamestop people had a list of silly trivia questions, spanning FF6 to FF12. I got about 1/3rd - 1/2th of them right, and collectively we got about 3/4ths of them right. (Did you know that Garnet/Dagger had a third name? None of us could think of it.) Theoretically they were supposed to have a costume contest for anyone waiting in line wearing a costume. The closest anyone came to a costume was probably me wearing a FF t-shirt =P So if they'd actually had said contest i might have won one of the theoretical prizes that they didn't actually have :)

Eventually everyone settled down into playing with their phones :) I was mostly playing FF5 on mine. Around 11 there were about 20 people in line. Around 11:30 there were about 30. At midnight i think it was up to around 40. At midnight they started letting people in four at a time. Which would have meant that i would have been in the second group, except it turned out that two of the four people ahead of me were just there keeping the others company, so i got moved up to the first group. And it turned out that those two both actually had their games under the same order. (I'm not sure if it was two copies for the two of them, or four for them and their friends, or what.) So while they were sorting that out i got my copy and was the first one out of the store with FF13 :)

I headed straight home after that of course, where shelleycat told me that i felt like an icicle :) I then submerged myself into the world of FF13, from which i have only occasionally been emerging from since then, for sleep, food and work mostly :)
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