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Guess what? FF13!

When you finally get the chance to change your party around, the little tutorial informs you that you can also use it to change your party leader. So the first thing i tried to do of course was make Fang my leader. In response to which i got a message saying "You cannot change your leader at this time." :)

Since i seem to be getting near _an_ important battle, i finally sold all the credit chips i've been accumulating for the entire game. I then used the 70k some gil that got me to buy 90 Crankshafts, and upgrade Fang's Gae Bolg to the maximum level :)

I was very amused by the increasing strangeness of the color alerts. My mind kept thinking:
"Purple alert! Purple alert!"
"What's a purple alert?"
"Well, it's like not as bad as a red alert, but a bit worse than a blue alert -- sort of a mauve alert."

(Which then of course led my brain to: "Step up to Red Alert!" "Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb.")

I got even funnier however when the party says something to the effect of: "What do all these colors mean?" "They mean we're doing something right."

But what made it truly hilarious however was when the commander (or whatever she is) ended up getting totally confused herself trying to figure out which color alert would be the best one to switch to :)
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