DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

FF13 vs Star Wars

You know how FF12 had a lot of similarities to Star Wars, _especially_ in the last bit involving the final not-quite-dungeon?

Well FF13 has one part that's all over with the Star Wars references. (Not that this should be a surprise to anyone who's been playing since the days of FF6 =)

Spoilers through chapter 9:

The Palamecia is the Death Star. Not quite as much literally as Bahamut in FF12, but very figuratively.

It is a large flying ship/base. And the emperor has come aboard to oversee the final stages of the construction of escorting the l'Cie prisoners to their trial.

The Rebel Alliance at least realizes It's a trap!

After they've lowered the force field created a diversion by freeing the prisoners, the Rebel Fleet will move in to attack.

They're going to try and sneak through the force field aboard the Palamecia in a stolen salvaged shuttle craft.

They will be asked for their identification codes, which in this case will be accepted with no byplay from Darth Vader.

And since this is ostensibly about a prison break a la the first half of Star Wars, rather than blowing it up like the second half of Star Wars or Return of the Jedi, we get a prison scene. In theory the guards walk in to tell the prisoners that they're being moved. But for some reason they have a floating blue thing with some kind of needle-tail that looks like a fantastical interpretation of an interrogation droid, and i think they even use the same camera angle as that scene.

I'm just after that point right now, so we'll have to see if the similarities continue any further.

As a side-note i do like it that they are at least keeping up the tradition of reusing names from older FF games :)
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