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11 March 2010 @ 12:57 pm
HDTV and FF13  
jmpava was harassing me about evading the question of whether or not FF13 will convince me to get a HDTV, and the answer is, not really?

Like i said before, i don't seem to get the same "sense of wonder" from impressive graphics as other people do. I can tell that the graphics are better in FF13, and i can usually tell when something will make shelleycat go "ooohhh, shiny!" but as soon as i stop intentionally paying attention to the graphics i don't really notice them anymore. When i'm not looking for details i can't really tell the difference between FF10 and FF13 (FF12 was clearly a step backwards, but that's a different issue) and really the graphics have been good enough since FF8.

Likewise i also think Hoodwinked graphics are just as good as Pixar's for all practical purposes. After a couple minutes right at the beginning of a Pixar movie where i check out the details, i just stop noticing it anymore. (Clearly this makes me somewhat different from a certain relative of mine ;)

So why do i obsess so much about the decision of when to get an HDTV and what type to get? Well mainly i want something that's light and has widescreen. The next issue is that i've been having more and more trouble reading the fonts on newer games. (FF13 isn't so bad that an HDTV is a requirement, though i admit i have no idea what the hell the elemental symbols on the Libra Scan are.) But as long as i'm going to get an HDTV anyways i figure i ought to get the best i can for a reasonable amount of money. I've had my current TV for about nine or ten years. If i got a good sized 1080p tv it hopefully ought to remain "adequate" for quite awhile (as far as technology goes anyways.) The attraction of the LED aspect is that it makes the TV lighter and/or more power efficient, and supposedly it makes the blacks blacker. (And non-black blacks is something that i do on occasion notice my tv.)

As for FF13...

Saze(sp) is starting to seem like more of a real character and less of a stereotypical black comic-relief sidekick. It's possible that's just due to mental numbness and inurement. I still think his hair is kinda dumb. I presume it's to make him keeping a chocobo stashed in there seem reasonable? And i presume that _that_ situation will get explained in a cutscene at some point.

I still hate Snow's looks, though i actually like his personality. Some reviewers were talking about FF13's avoidance of cliches and said that there are points where you'll think that someone needs to smack Snow, and then Lightning will slug him. I can understand why _Lightning_ wants to smack him, but i don't feel the same way myself, so i'm not really sure what they're talking about.

I also don't understand everyone else's reluctance to Snow's idea of "let's save Cocoon." You're l'Cie, either you're going to become a mindless mutated zombie, or you're going to be crystal and possibly immortal. (Worst case, you'll be dead, but at least you'll look pretty.)

There's one theory that since "of course" all Pulse l'Cie are evil it must want you to destroy Cocoon. Snow has an alternate theory (with admittedly flimsy evidence) that they're supposed to save Cocoon. So their options seem to be either to try and destroy Cocoon, try and save Cocoon, or just give up and shoot themselves in the head right now to avoid the whole thing. It seems like the third option will remain a method of last resort for quite awhile, so unless they're actually willing to destroy their homeland for the dubious benefit of becoming crystal, there's only one reasonable course of action at this point.

It turns out that the part that i thought was the next disc in the Crystarium was actually the previous disc like jmpava said, you can't see upcoming discs until you get access to them. However once you do they behave pretty much the exact same as with the prior disc, you jump to the new disc and can't see much of the old one at all. There's still no way to get a good view of everything at once though. (You can zoom out, but that only gives you a general overview of what you've already got access to, with no details whatsoever.)

Also, spoiler for the second event log of Chapter 4:

It says that Saze _also_ joined the Purge voluntarily. Huh? I didn't get that from the cutscene at all.

And finally, i think this is the best integration of Summons/Espers/Whatever into the world (not just the plot) since FF6. I didn't check the "Bahamut" check box for FF12 in the list of FF themes last week, despite the fact that the name Bahamut makes an important appearance. If i'd had similar rows for Eden or Phoenix i'd definitely check them off for FF13 even though i suspect you'll never get to use them like a Summon.

Actually if i was going to rank FF games for Summon integration, as things currently stand the top four would probably be in order: FF13, FF6, FF4, and FF10. For most of the other games they were just there. (In FF10 they were very important to the plot, but even late in the game it wasn't clear to me where they'd come from or what, if any, relation they had with people who weren't on a mission to destroy Sin.)
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Laura Parkinson: Broodingstormfeather on March 11th, 2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
Comment on the spoily bit, so spoiler warning:

Some reviewers were talking about FF13's avoidance of cliches and said that there are points where you'll think that someone needs to smack Snow, and then Lightning will slug him.

Personally? I want to slug Lightning much more than Snow. And somewhat Hope, although he gets a bit of a pass because he *is* a kid, and only semi-volunteered for this crap. He's still getting annoying though.

Skimming through the rest, because I'm in chapter 3, haven't reached 4 yet!
Pava: OsakaHurahijmpava on March 11th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
Just beginning chpt 4 myself (past all the opening cutscnes/setup), so haven't read your second cut yet.

I was discussing with Andrew that I'm getting more comfortable with the crystarium in general (although I wish there was a good way to abbreviate that), although I agree there isn't a good general view thing. Also, I do wish I could scan between the different roles of a single char with one button instead of two, becuase generally that's the decision I'm trying to make (so far) as to where to spend things. But I discovered the zoom view and that's been actually helping a bunch. Also, I seem to have no problem determining glowing vs. not, fwiw. Maybe another HD thing.

I wonder if the reason you don't think you need HD for it is you haven't seen it in this case? :-P (No, I don't really think that. We obviously look at different things. This one, more then most I've played, really makes me feel like the tv is really being taken advantage of, but that's certainly different then 'it's needed').

I really liked how they introduced/brought in eidolons. I'm generally in agreement with your comments there, although I'd need to see more before putting it ahead of 6. And maybe, you know, get a chance to use one ;->

All the chars are actually very much growing on me. I stopped really minding Vanille sometime in chpt 3 - perhaps becuase I'm starting to get the idea that she may in fact turn out to be the most interesting char, story wise, after all. Hope is still... annoying. But unlike most people in other mediums who go with that archetype, I can't exactly fault him as much - I mean he IS a random kid who's mother just died in front of him and is basically just following these guys around. At this point - although I doubt it will stay that way - I'm actually finding Snow and Lightning the LEAST interesting since there doesn't seem to be as much to them (I like them, but not quite as interesting just now). But I suppose that also makes sense as they are the chars we are following, as opposed to the hanger on's (although the game is being narrated by Vanille, interestingly enough).